Behind The Salted Rose

Hi there!

My name is Lindsey and I am the one woman behind this brand. I am located in the quaint Streetsville, Mississauga Ontario. But am originally from Boston, MA and now a proud dual citizen. By day I am a stay at home mom to my son. Come nap time, and after bedtime stories, I am a business woman and entrepreneur. The Salted Rose is my passion project turned business! 

I created The Salted Rose when I was pregnant with my son. It was a struggle for me to get pregnant, so when I did I wanted to do everything I could to protect my baby. When I realized how many harmful ingredients were in my daily products I did a deep purge. Most of the ingredients I could not pronounce and when I did more research it really opened up my eyes to how toxic these products were.

Perhaps it was a bit extreme to purge almost everything, but it made me feel right at the time! It was also during this moment I realized beauty products can be considered clean and all-natural and still make me feel pampered and feminine. I am thrilled that I can offer this to you!

All of my products are handcrafted with premium ingredients and with my customers in mind. You don't have to sacrifice that feel of femininity and luxury for all-natural products.  I am proud that my brand is expanding beyond my facial and body products. I am handcrafting and sewing hair ties and liquid resistant cosmetic bags. And I am partnering with other companies to bring in curated items to the shop that work great in unison with my handcrafted goods. Including exfoliating mitts and brushes and rose quartz facial rollers.

Thank you for stopping by The Salted Rose

With love,