At Home Facial Kit

At Home Facial Kit

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The perfect kit to help you or a loved one pamper themselves at home with a facial. 

Step 1. Tie Up your hair with a The Salted Rose Hair Tie. 

Step 2. Cleanse and Exfoliate you face using our Ramie Facial Pad

Step 3. Apply your Face Mask of choice, let dry, wash off with a cool wet cloth. 

Step 4. Apply your Face Oil Blend of choice.

Step 5. Roll it out with the Facial Roller.

Step 6. Apply your Lip Balm for the final touch and voila! A radiant and naturally beautiful you.


Each kit comes in a specialty hard covered gift box. And includes 1 Hair Tie, 1 Facial Ramie Pad, 1 Small Jar Face Mask with applicator, 1 Facial Oil, 1  Facial Roller and 1 Lip Balm.