Bare Blend Bath Salts

Bare Blend Bath Salts

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One of the most relaxing and health beneficial joys of life- soaking in an infused bath!

At The Salted Rose my Bath Salt Blends are not your average Epsom salts and done. I took a lot of time and research to find you the best Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt and Epsom Salt to combine together and help form the base for the Blends. This gives you so many added health benefits when treating yourself to a little relaxation. You can easily justify that 30 minute escape! 

Bare Blend is the purest blend of bath salts with no added essential oils or dried botanicals. 


The Tube is a single size portion of Bath Salts in a decorative tube perfect for any gift or display in your bathroom prior to use.

The Small Bag contains 2-3 baths worth of salts depending on personal preference.

The Large Bag contains approximately 8 baths worth of salts depending on personal preference.