Where it all started...

For the longest time the thought put into the products I used pertained solely on how they felt, smelt or looked. Pretty packaging- amazing. Smells nice- even better! Does the job I want it to do? I think so! But I had no idea what was actually in them. I just trusted that the big businesses behind them had my back. 

I then had a major turning point in my life. Nobody warned me about having kids, or the struggles possibly associated with having children. I tried all the healthy fixes in my life that I could find. In the end I ended up going through IVF to have my son. Which hands down was one of the more draining endeavors I have faced. There were a lot of "no's" on the list of things I couldn't do, eat, drink etc. Which was extremely discouraging when you just want to have the normalcy of your regular life during a not regular way of bringing a life into the world.

This turning point made me start to think deeper about my products in my daily life. If I couldn't use my then regular cleaning products and room sprays- why was that? And why.. if I couldn't use them then- was I putting those harmful chemicals on, in.. or around my body any other time. So out the door 90% of them went (I mean, I will be the first to admit I think its all about balance. Even out some of the bad in life, with good and you are golden. And every person, home and lifestyle is different. So cut 1, 5, 10 or all the products out. You do you). 

Once I had made the switch with our household products it was like a domino effect for me. My biggest struggle with it all were my beauty products though. My moisturizers, face masks, lip balm and heck - even the bath salts I was using at the time... they all had to get tossed for me to keep my peace of mind. The downfall...I couldn't find appropriate replacements for them. I would check out all my go to beauty spots and even their "green" or "naturals" sections were full of false claims. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands- quite literally. And one product at a time I started making my own substitutions for those items. Slowly but surely it snowballed and here we are today. I handcraft you small batch products that you can feel good about using. 

As a true girly girl...I am very passionate about us, as women, being able to feel pampered and loved on by the products we are using. And I really do not feel that we should have to sacrifice those items when trying to remove harmful chemicals from our daily lives. And as I said before- its a healthy balance! 

With love,